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About Qbitz LLC

Qbitz LLC has been proudly serving the Phoenix Arizona area since 2004. We began as a small software developer and grew to a managed IT provider in 2007. Since then we have focused on 3 things. Customer service, quick response and resolution.

In 2017 we began looking at the tools on the market and found they had issues doing what they said they do. So, we being developers created our own tools. We created a helpdesk ticketing system, server and workstation monitoring agents and tied that into our robust business management software.

With all our solutions tied in together, we provide you access to all our data about your company. This includes access to server health, workstation health, billing, tickets and so much more. I have never seen a tool that provides so much data to the client in one place. This allows you to know what is going on at any time. 

At the same time we acquired a partnership with a Datacenter here in the East Valley and put our servers in there, This allows us to always be online with next to no outages. In the year of 2017 we had one outage for 12 minutes.

We are now into 2018 and we continue to grow. We are proud to announce we have hired a new technician as of March 1, 2018. As we continue to grow you can count on us to hire not just skilled people, but people that genuinely want to help you and make your jobs easier.

Qbitz LLC

Gilbert, AZ 85298


Phone: 480-900-2123 


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